Young Adult

The Debutante

Annie’s year just went South…

Senior year is supposed to be the best of your high school career. Annie MacRae is gunning for early acceptance to her dream college, has high hopes for her last season on the varsity field hockey team, and is ready for a fantastic year with her boyfriend and best friend. That is, until her parents tell her they’re moving from Connecticut to…Alabama. Before Annie can say “no way, y’all”, she finds herself in the land of deep-fryers, debs, and worst of all, her grandmother. The cherry on top: if she ever wants to escape back to her comfortable Yankee life, she will have to become a debutante. As in, white-dress-wearing, perfect-manners-practicing, curtsying girle-girl. In spite of her distaste for all things deb, Annie spends the year learning to be a lady. And somewhere along the way, she discovers that friends can come from the most unlikely places, and that change is not always a bad thing.

“For fans of The Princess Diaries for sure! I think we have another Mia on our hands with this one!”
— Shooting Stars Mag
“(Readers) will leave with what they came for—a very happy ending.”
— Publishers Weekly


The Lost Summer

“I died one summer, or I almost did. Part of me did. I don’t say that to be dramatic, only because it’s true…”

Helena Waite has always loved going back to Southpoint. It’s the camp where she met her best friend, Katie Bell, from whom she’s been inseparable ever since. But this year everything is different: Helena is seventeen and a camp counselor. Soon she’s sneaking off after curfew with the other counselors…including Ransome, her secret crush from across the lake. She finds herself doing things she normally wouldn’t, from pranking the boys’ camp to skinny-dipping. The only problem is that Katie Bell is only sixteen and stuck back at the cabins with the other campers.

As things heat up with Ransome, Helena realizes she seems to be losing her best friend, little by little. And then something happens that turns Helena’s world upside down forever… Told with honesty and heart, Kathryn Williams’ second novel tackles the timeless themes of growing up in a setting where innocence is closely guarded and sometimes lost.

“A beautiful and meaningful read.”
— Shooting Stars Mag
“Williams sets a storm of emotions brewing and building, successfully creating an underlying suspense that bursts with the final chapters. Williams’ talents make THE LOST SUMMER a book to catch a hold of and enjoy.”