YALLFest, or the Freshman at the Senior Prom

Dear Crawfish Cakes,

My friend has a saying when she’s about to embark on something new and fun and kind of scary: “I’m nervous but excited.” (Okay, it’s not really a “saying” as much as something she says a lot, but when did you get so picky?) That pretty much sums up what I’m feeling today. Because this weekend I will be attending my first ever and the second ever YALLFest – Charleston, SC’s ¬†young adult book festival.

Charleston YA book festival

Why am I excited? Because this is not just any regular book festival. This festival is organized as a labor of YA (and Southern) love by the writers (and bookseller) themselves. Because who else would make the centerpieces of their festival a storytelling smackdown and pie (yes, pie)?

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