Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff – Now Cheaper and Bendier!

Dearest Lobster Rolls,
It has been quite the summer! First, I spent six weeks continuing to pursue my MFA degree (Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing) at one of my favorite places on earth, Hogwarts Sewanee, basically summer camp for book nerds. Jealous? Yeah, you should be. It’s an awesome program.

Now it’s good to be back in Maine, reminding myself why I live here and eating lobster until I get sick to my stomach or my cholesterol kills me — whichever comes first. I’ve been camping, sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding, blueberry picking, cooking, hiking, reading, and writing. What more could a girl ask for? How about the PAPERBACK RELEASE OF HER NOVEL?


Yep, PIZZA, LOVE, AND OTHER STUFF THAT MADE ME FAMOUS is now for sale as a paperback. Lighter! Cheaper! Bendier! In celebration, I have a blog post over at the MacTeen site. Check it out and learn how Spicy Korean Chicken Lollipops helped tell my story. AND learn some exciting news about a new FACS (Family and Consumer Science, i.e. Home Ec) curriculum based around the book. Great for any culinary classroom. Currently being developed, so stay tuned. (Thank you, Fresh FACS!)

How does the birthday of your book’s paperback feel? Um, kind of like any other day, except cooler because now you get to remind yourself that maybe more people will read your book, and that’s always good.

More exciting news hopefully coming soon. In the meantime, does this sound vaguely familiar?


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