Pizza, an Apron, and Other Stuff that You Can Win from this Giveaway


I’m trying something new here on this little bloggity blog of mine (which, by the way, you may have noticed has recently undergone a makeover). My new book, Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous, comes out in less than ONE MONTH (**insert ear-piercing squeal here**). In anticipation, I will be running my FIRST EVER giveaway on my website.

From now until August 7 (that’s two weeks), you can enter to win a signed copy of Pizza (that’s the book, not an actual pizza, although I will now spend the rest of my afternoon contemplating how one would go about signing a pizza — marinara sauce in a pastry bag?) AND AND AND an adorable apron. It may be cute and vintage looking; it may be the one Alex gives Sophie in the book; it may have my face on it. You’ll just have to ENTER and see! A SECOND winner will receive a signed copy and a signed cooking utensil of my choosing. (Probably not a whisk.)

But how do I enter, you ask? Simple! Follow me on Twitter @kathrynwauthor (if you haven’t already) and send me a tweet. On August 8, I will pick a winner from a hat, possibly this one.

If you’re a blogger, please share this with your followers. Always the more the merrier in my opinion.

May the best Tweeters (Twitterers? Twitterians? Twittians?) win!


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